Tea Partier to Congressional Black Caucus: Show Us the Tape!

Posted: Apr 27, 2010 7:23 AM
Andrew Breitbart has been trying to track down the evidence, going so far as to offer a cash reward.  Al Sharpton claimed to have seen the evidence, but backed off his claim when challenged by Bill O'Reilly.  And despite Democrats' insistence that racial slurs were hollered at passing black members of Congress during the Code Red health care reform protests on March 20, there has been no proof published of the incident, despite hundreds of cameras and bystanders.

So what gives?

A group of Tea Partiers is looking for answers at the source.  In a letter addressed to the Congressional Black Caucus, the National Tea Party stresses that the organization "does not and will not tolerate any form of racism, violence or hate speech," and that it is in the interest of both groups to weed out those responsible for allegedly acting out toward minority members of Congress. 
We therefore turn to you, and respectfully request that you provide us with any and all evidence – video, audio, interviews, first-hand accounts, etc. – of the N-word being hurled against your members (or anyone else) during the Rally.  To this end, we also ask that you also make available to us Congressman Carson (or that you encourage Congressman Carson to make himself available to us) in order to be interviewed about his allegations.  In particular, we think it would help if Congressman Carson could resolve the discrepancies in his conflicting accounts of the location of the alleged incident.
Kudos to the Tea Party Federation for demanding answers and holding members of Congress to a higher standard than the media is willing to.  If there were racist remarks, a sincere apology is in order.  But if the story was fabricated for whatever reason, the innocent Tea Partiers deserve to have their names cleared.