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Let's face it, folks: Democrat Martha Coakley is a hot mess.  The bad news and controversies just continue to grow surrounding the state attorney general and her candidacy to represent Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate.  Just off the top of my head...

---She said there are no more terrorists in Afghanistan.

---A Coakley campaign aide and Obama presidential appointee roughed up a reporter as she looked on.

---During her time as attorney general she kept an innocent man in prison.

---She let a man monster who raped his 23-month-old niece (with a hot curling iron) go free.

---And now, Coakley says devout Catholics "probably shouldn't work in the emergency room" because laws on mandated abortion coverage are more important than nurses' and doctors' moral objections to the practice:

In a radio interview with Ken Pittman on WBSM in Massachusetts today, Pittman and Coakley had the following exchange:
Ken Pittman:...If you are a Catholic, and believe what the Pope teaches, that any form of birth control is a sin, uh, you don’t want to do that.
Martha Coakley: No we have a separation of church and state, Ken, let's be clear.

Ken Pittman: In the emergency room you still have your religious freedom.

Martha Coakley: (……uh, eh…um..) The law says that people are allowed to have that. You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room.
This lady is unbelievable.

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