Where's the FULL Cost Estimate of Obamacare?

Posted: Dec 16, 2009 3:38 PM
We've heard what the CBO has said the cost of Obamacare will be to the government, but what will it cost America's taxpayers? 

The CBO Obamacare cost estimate has tipped the scales at $850 billion, but this estimate does not include the costs of private sector mandates.  Cato's Michael Cannon has been asking for this comprehensive cost--for 180 days and counting. 

In 1994, the CBO did score these mandates and found they accounted for nearly 60% of Hillarycare's total cost.  So why is it that we're still waiting for an estimated total cost?  And why is the Senate is rushing to vote, knowing only a fraction of what Obamacare's total price will be?

If the 1994 cost model of Hillarycare is any indication, the cost of the Obamacare package will be "more like $2.5 trillion," according to Cannon's estimates.