Newly Revealed Docs Contradict NEA Denial Claims

Posted: Nov 12, 2009 8:20 PM
Many of you will recall BigHollywood's Patrick Courrielche's investigative report on the National Endowment for the Arts and orchestrated efforts by the Obama administration to recruit artists in producing propaganda-like materials in support of specific agenda items.  You'll also remember when earlier this fall, the NEA's Yosi Sergant left his post as a result of the investigation. 

In September Rocco Landesman, the NEA's chairman, made a statement claiming, “The former NEA Director of Communications [Sergant] acted unilaterally and without the approval or authorization of then-Acting Chairman Patrice Walker Powell.”  However, as Courrielche's latest report reveals, this claim may not be entirely true:
...[N]ew documents obtained by Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act show that another federal employee thought the arts effort was entering murky legal waters.

In an email dated July 30, 2009, Nellie Abernathy, a representative of the federal program United We Serve, sent an email to Sergant to inquire of his interest in attending a meeting regarding 9/11 events – the culmination day of the United We Serve campaign. In the email Abernathy states (emphasis added):

“Just got off the phone with [redacted]. They’re interested in helping produce some 9/11 events and will be in DC next week. Any chance you could join us for a meeting Tuesday morning? Or does this fall into that sketchy grey we might get arrested area?”

Sergant responded, “I’d love to.”
Full report @ BigHollywood -- including how Rock the Vote fits into the picture and a slew of other federal officials who all seem to have played various roles.  As Courrielche says,
Chairman Landesman’s claim that Sergant acted “unilaterally” is becoming harder to swallow.