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Trust the Government with Health Care?

The same government who released a report yesterday that said errors were made with some 400,000 taxpayers?

According to the Treasury Department's Inspector General for Tax Administration
, approximately 259,000 eligible taxpayers did not receive $84.6 million in stimulus payments due to various IRS errors.

In addition, 141,000 taxpayers received $60.6 million in payments--all of whom should have been ineligible, but received the funds due to other IRS errors. 

Do you want to trust this government with your health insurance coverage?  Meanwhile, if private companies were to manage your coverage, it is in their own financial interest to avoid errors like these.  What's the government's motivation in preventing these errors?

Can you think of other examples of government errors or inefficiency that would make someone hesitate to hand over duties of health insurance to the government?  Share them with us in the comments!


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