ACORN Investigation Bombshell: CA Office Worker Confesses to Shooting and Killing Husband

Posted: Sep 15, 2009 11:53 AM
There have been some amazingly outrageous things that have come to light as a result of Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe's undercover investigation of various ACORN offices.  But the explosive new video Glenn Beck will run tonight on his 5pm Fox show just might be the most shocking. 

In the video, ACORN staffer "Theresa" confesses to having dabbled in the prostitution industry herself in the past.  In addition, she confesses a pattern of past abuse led her to shoot and kill her own husband. 

Be sure to tune in tonight at 5pm!  I'll post the video on the blog as soon as its available. 

PS--State-run Hey "mainstream" media--do you think you could actually cover this story now

And maybe a comment from the Obama administration?  After all, as Theresa notes in her own words, ACORN is currently working with Washington on passing health care reform, AND the president himself--a former ACORN attorney--said these groups would play a part in "shaping the agenda" for his administration
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