Hold Your Breath: EPA May Declare CO2 an Air Pollutant

Posted: Aug 31, 2009 3:47 PM
Within the next couple of weeks, we're expecting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to announce whether it will consider carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases as dangerous pollutants--a move that would require the federal government to impose new regulations on emissions. 

Some skeptics (like moi) aren't completely on-board with the regulation of CO2--a biproduct of industrial emissions, but also a gas released by humans every time we take a breath. 

"The EPA doesn't have the manpower to implement the regulations the way they would have to be," Heritage Foundation's senior policy analyst in energy economics and climate change, David Kreutzer, reported to Fox News.

Kreutzer also warns that new regulations are likely to trigger a flood of new lawsuits and flood businesses with loads of paperwork. 

Expect a final decision next month when Congress reconvenes and climate change legislation once again takes a front seat next to the proposed health care overhaul. 
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