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Hot Air has posted a fantastic analysis of "What We Want from the Republicans"--a conservative manifesto for Republican lawmakers.  If anything, the recent heated health care debate has "awakened a sleeping giant," as one constituent noted during a recent town hall; people are looking at the direction the current administration--and government in general--is heading in and not liking what they see.  The GOP now has a tremendous opportunity to return to its conservative roots and deconstruct the encroaching statist agenda. 

As the post effectively states:
Every politician runs on a platform of “change.” We want change in 2010… but, for once, we want the government to change. We’ve had enough of people like Obama trying to use the government to change us. We’re tired of being slammed with thousand-page bills that tell us what we have to sacrifice, and what we’re not allowed to do. We want to see some one-page bills that list things the government is not allowed to do.
AMEN! Check out this intelligent, well-versed analysis of what should be the next priority for the Republican Party: real change.

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