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Senate Vote Expected to Extend Clunkers Catastrophe

Following Sotomayor's confirmation vote today, the Senate will likely vote on an extension to the widely debated Cash for Clunkers program.  The House voted
before it recessed last week to funnel an additional $2 billion into the program, bringing the total cost to triple its original estimate.  Many car dealers are counting on the government to make good on its promises to refund subsidies given to people trading in their old clunkers for a new, shiny and more eco-efficient vehicle. 

As the Senate considers the merits of the program, let's consider the public's analysis.  When Rasmussen began polling people about the Cash for Clunkers program in mid-June, 54% of Americans opposed the program and only 35% reported support for it.  More than a month and $1 billion later, Rasmussen reports the public disapproval remains at 54%, and general approval has actually dropped to 33%. 

With public support clearly not behind this clunker of a program, how many of us actually think our representatives in Senate--with a filibuster-proof 60-seat  Democratic majority--are going vote against this?


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