Pelosi: Health Care Bill is a 'Stimulus Package'

Posted: Jul 27, 2009 3:59 PM
In an interview with CNN this weekend, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims that if the government had not acted to pass the $787 billion stimulus package earlier this year, "the unemployment rate would be even higher."  Despite her absurd and unfounded hypothetical assumptions that seem counter-intuitive to basic free-market economics,  she claims that "there's a lag" in the lowering of the nation's unemployment rate and that more jobs are on the horizon.  Given that we are bound to come out of this recession eventually, that's a pretty good assumption.  

Pelosi goes on to claim that the administration's energy, education and health care plans are also "stimulants to the economy," and will bring about a new creation of jobs.

Let's think about this.  Cap-and-tax: job creator?  No.  Health care plan that makes businesses pay or play: job creator? Absolutely not.  Education: I can hardly wait to see what further limits they plan to impose on students' access to quality education.  

You can view a portion of her interview here.