Carry-On Baggage Next on Illinois Rep's Agenda

Posted: Jul 09, 2009 3:40 PM
Three-term U.S. Congressman Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.) this month introduced a bill that would impose a federal limit on the size of baggage allowed to be carried by passengers boarding aircraft.  It sounds like while jet-setting to and from the nation's capital, the Congressman has been somewhat inconvenienced in the past: "The passengers who board the plane last often don't have any place to stow their carry-ons because the people who got on first fill the overhead bins with oversize roll-on bags," Lipinski said. 

Instead of arriving for flights earlier to secure overhead space, let's introduce some legislation!  While we're on the subject, can we ban carry-on luggage from being stowed beneath seats?  Air travelers should have a right to overhead compartment space and adequate leg room!

If you're interested, get out your tape measure and read the full story to see if Rep. Lipinski would deem your carry-on acceptable. 

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