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Liberal Journalist Wheels Out the Most Predictable Defense for Hunter Biden

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Liberal writer Molly Jong-Fast penned and discussed on MSNBC the most predictable deflection media members could toss out for Hunter Biden amid his legal woes in Delaware: the GOP is bullying an addict. Ms. Jong-Fast, who’s in recovery, highlighted how weaponizing Hunter’s disease hasn’t hurt Joe Biden during this campaign. That may be right, but it’s not necessary at this point—Biden’s failed agenda and dismal poll numbers have some data crunchers, like FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver, wondering if Biden should quit the 2024 race.


Yet, it’s the cumulative effect here. Commentator Stephen L. Miller noted that Joe Biden can’t be indicted because he’s too old, whereas Hunter shouldn’t have been because he’s too high. The Department of Justice has been cited for interfering in federal investigations into the president’s son, where IRS agents Gary Shapley and Joesph Zeigler gave damning and credible testimony to that effect last summer. It was the testimony of these two men that led to the Biden DOJ aborting the sweetheart plea deal for Hunter, leading us to the gun trial that’s in jury deliberation now. The Biden Justice Department is prosecuting Hunter because they were forced to do it. Without Ziegler and Shapley, Hunter might have inked a blanket immunity deal.

That’s why this trial is necessary, Ms. Jong-Fast. He broke the law. He lied on a federal background check form for a firearm. The penalties for this are clearly stated on the form. This isn’t about beating up on an addict, who also happens to be a bad guy; it’s about the rule of law, which is being dictated by political tribalism.


Ms. Jong-Fast’s piece, overall, isn’t bad if we’re talking about the disease of addiction. While not an addict, some of my close family members have been riddled with this affliction, but this isn’t about addiction. Hunter Biden broke the law when he purchased a firearm. We’ll see what the tax trial unearths. 

For now, let’s see what verdict the jury hands down. Our own Mia Cathell is in Wilmington, covering the trial. Be sure to follow her updates.

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