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It Looks Like Biden Aides Met With a Pro-Hezbollah Muslim Leader

AP Photo/Adel Hana

Did the Biden White House vet anyone at this event with top aides in Michigan this week? I ask because a person who is known for his pro-Hezbollah ties claims to have been invited by the White House, who is trying to mend fences with the Arab American communities in the wake of the Gaza War (via Fox News):


President Biden sent top aides to Michigan on Thursday to meet with Arab American and Muslim community leaders, and one person reportedly invited to the discussion has publicly expressed support for the terror groups Hezbollah and Hamas. 

Biden made the move with the leaders as he's faced criticism from the Muslim community over his handling of the Israel-Hamas war. The Associated Press, which first reported the forum, noted the event positions the administration to "mend ties" with a community that will play a critical role in a battleground state for the 2024 elections. 

While the list of attendees was not released, one individual the White House reportedly invited to the event was Osama Siblani, the publisher of Arab American News headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. 

"I'm for the dialogue, and I believe we owe it to our country and to our community and the people in Gaza, to listen and be heard," Siblani said of the gathering. He told the outlet the White House invited him, and he planned to attend. 

Siblani, meanwhile, appears to be a questionable choice as a participant, as he's openly discussed his support for Hezbollah with mainstream publications in the past. 

The Muslim activist came out in support of the organization in 2006 as they fought Israeli forces in southern Lebanon. At the time, the FBI had issued a national alert for law enforcement to investigate and profile Hezbollah sympathizers. 

"If the FBI wants to come after those who support the resistance done by Hezbollah, then they better bring a fleet of buses," Siblani told the Chicago Tribune. "I, for one, would be willing to go to jail." 


The activist also signaled support for Hamas after Israel launched its counter-offensive at the start of the war in October. 

"We are not going to be intimidated," Siblani said at an Oct. 10 protest in Michigan, according to a local outlet. "Hamas is not a terrorist organization, and we have to say to them the terrorist is Benjamin Netanyahu and his government." 


So, Biden aides might have reached out to a proto-terrorist? I don’t think reaching out to radical Muslim extremists is the way to go, Joe, but if it means fostering your defeat in November, keep meeting with these people.

Joe Biden is facing a Muslim voter rebellion in the Rust Belt. If they stay home, some crucial states in the famed blue wall could crash again as they did in 2016.

Muslim voters are incensed over the Biden administration’s support for Israel, which is waging a justified war of self-defense against Hamas, who launched a genocidal terrorist attack against the Jewish state on October 7, 2023. At least 1,200 innocent Israelis were murdered, tortured, and raped. Pro-Palestinians have manufactured what can only be described as this community’s version of Holocaust denialism, claiming that Hamas thugs murdered no one. And if there were fatalities, it was military personnel. No rapes occurred, either. I have no time for people like this. 

For every whine fest they hold, more bombs should fall in Gaza. That’s the formula. I do very much hope Israel wipes out every Hamas terrorist in Gaza, and they should remain in the area for the foreseeable future. You cannot trust the Palestinians. And the Arab world writ large agrees with that sentiment. It’s why no neighboring country wants these people as refugees since their main exports are mayhem and terrorism. 

Like Jerusalem during the Crusader States, Joe Biden is under siege. It’s not only Muslim voters who are infuriated with his Israeli policies. Young people don’t like him. Hispanic and black voter support for Democrats has reached historic lows. Union workers are souring on him—the entire Obama coalition is rapidly falling away from Biden. His approvals are in the low 30s, with a struggling economy and high inflation. On top of that, per the report filed by Special Counsel Robert Hur, Joe can’t remember his days as vice president or when his son Beau died. 


Who’s running the country?

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