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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

When the media is resigned to delivering this line on the emerging Joe Biden bribery scandal, you know we got them. It’s no longer citing letters from former spooks to discredit the evidence. The FBI has been neutralized since they turned over the FD-1023 report from their confidential human source, who delivered credible information about this scheme, the first report filed in 2018. The IRS whistleblowers highlighted the Biden Justice Department’s repeated attempts to hinder the prosecution of the president’s son. At the same time, a former associate of Hunter is set to testify about how Joe was directly involved in these shady government access deals. 


Here's the media line: “Move on.” 

Sorry, that’s not possible. The president is neck-deep in a bribery scandal. He tried to use his lawyers at DOJ to stop investigations into his son because it would circle back to him. These actions are impeachable. It’s undoubtedly more incriminating than anything Democrats manufactured against Trump in their two impeachment attempts. Every source is credible. All the evidence is confirmed and corroborated. The media knows this is now a story, but they can’t pivot. And Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) is the stuttering mess of a lawyer from My Cousin Vinny. During his question period, he destroyed the Biden defense to ask questions of the IRS whistleblowers Joseph Zeigler and Gary Shapley. 

Goldman exposed that Joe Biden was involved in the dealings, inflicting what law professor Jonathan Turley described as “Dresden-level” damage to any legal defense the Bidens could offer. 

And the plea deal that Hunter Biden got for the tax evasion and gun charges doesn’t mean anything; they were politically motivated. Hence, the whistleblower hearing, where Democrats could do nothing but declare there was no evidence, richly allege that Hunter was a victim of a two-tiered justice system and roped Emmett Till into the mix. They can only whine because they know Joe and Hunter are cooked. As Turley noted, the public isn’t “moving on.” The Archer testimony is yet another nail in the coffin:


That question from CBS’s “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan to Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie was raised just days before a former business associate of Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, gives potentially explosive testimony to a House committee in the Biden corruption scandal. 

The media’s desire to “move on” from the scandal is reaching an almost frantic level, as millions in foreign payments and dozens of corporate shell companies are revealed, and incriminating emails are released. 

The same plaintive demand was made in congressional hearings. 


Others insisted that the allegations were still “unproven” or “unverified” while showing the same lack of interest in establishing the truth. 

Notably, these same media outlets did wall-to-wall coverage of the false Russian collusion claims in the Steele dossier. 

They are now simply shrugging off what could be one of the most serious corruption scandals in modern history despite the testimony of highly credible whistleblowers and thousands of pages of supporting evidence. 

None of this is going to work, of course. The public has long ago lost trust in the media. Indeed, the “Let’s Go, Brandon” movement is as much a mocking of the media as it is the president.   

Polls show that the public is not “moving on” and now views this as a major scandal. A majority believes that Hunter has received special protection in the investigation. While the media can continue to suppress the evidence and allegations within their own echo-chambered platforms, truth, like water, has a way of finding a way out. 

The scandal is moving forward with or without the media. 


But it will be delicious to watch their meltdowns. We warned you Joe was a dirty creep.


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