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AP Photo/Toby Talbot, File

Facts are stubborn things. Some are immovable, incapable of change because that wouldn’t be reality. The Left has long held a smug disposition of being the pro-science movement, a war cry commonly heard regarding global warming. As liberals are desperate to navigate the waters with the line that biological males are women, they’ve hit the sandbar. And it’s been a messy and horrifying descent into science fiction. 


There are only two genders: male and female. There is no non-binary sub-class, nor will that ever be the case; such a fantasy could only exist in the faculty lounge at Berkeley. As liberals struggle with biological facts, we have this embarrassing tweet from the editor-in-chief of Scientific American magazine about white-throated sparrows to sell gender fluidity. 

“White-throated sparrows have four chromosomally distinct sexes that pair up in fascinating ways P.S. Nature is amazing. P.P.S. Sex is not binary,” wrote Laura Helmuth. She got fact-checked quickly, apparently blocked the fact-checkers who called her out, and then modified who could comment on the tweet. To make matters even more humiliating for this science writer, the article link says these birds are separated into males and females. Last, as some already noted, humans are not birds. 


This post should be deleted. Don’t protect your tweets. Don’t block other people from calling you out on your science illiteracy. Delete it, post an apology/clarification, and take the “L.” It’s embarrassing how the Left will twist things to satisfy their worldview, even if that means torching biological science. The other byproduct of selling the public that people with male genitalia can be women is that it degrades and cheapens womanhood. And these people are also supposed to be the feminists of the world. As progressives took crazy pills over this issue, conservatives have found themselves unintentionally being the movement protecting female spaces because we know the differences in gender.


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