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Why Did the FBI Show Up at the Childhood Home of an Anti-Abortion Activist?

Mary Margaret Olohan/Daily Signal

This home visit is undoubtedly creepy, given how the Federal Bureau of Investigation has become the armed wing of the Democratic Party. Yet, this case is different, as they’re not targeting a hard-core conservative. She is anti-abortion, however, and given how federal agents have been harassing pro-life activists, along with other instances of corruption stemming from the Russian collusion hoax, the FBI’s intentions should be cast with deep suspicion. 


The Daily Signal’s Mary Margaret Olohan had the story where two FBI agents showed up at the childhood home of Elise Ketch, a member of the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising. Ms. Ketch identifies as a “queer woman” and a “progressive leftist.” If you go on PAAU’s website, it’s unabashedly left-wing, proudly anti-capitalist, unapologetically feminist, and appalled by the ‘big abortion’ industry. Ring Cam captured the encounter at Ketch’s parent’s house. The agents assured Ketch’s mom that neither she nor her daughter was in trouble, but they wanted to ask a few questions regarding some information they’d obtained. They didn’t go any further than that. 

Ketch’s mom later called her daughter, who rightfully instructed her mother not to say anything to the agents. Elisa also doesn't live there anymore. Is this another example of federal intimidation of activism the bureau frowns upon now, given that they’ve been exposed as partisan actors? Granted, no flashbangs or tactical units were ready to storm the house, but was this a recon mission? Who knows. The point is when federal agents show up, call your lawyer, don’t say a word, and be aware that law enforcement can lie to you. The Ketch family run-in with the FBI happened on Tax Day (via Daily Signal):


Elise Ketch is a member of the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), a group of mostly-left leaning activists who believe that abortion is the murder of a human child. PAAU particularly gained prominence after the group exposed the bodies of five premie sized aborted babies, known as “The Five,” from the clinic of Washington, D.C. abortionist Cesare Santangelo.

The 26-year-old officially joined PAAU in December 2022 after volunteering with the group for a few months. 

Her entrance into the pro-life group came as PAAU activists Lauren Handy, Jonathan Darnel, and Herb Geraghty faced charges from the Justice Department of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which “prohibits threats of force, obstruction and property damage intended to interfere with reproductive health care services” (the DOJ has commonly used “obstruction” in charging pro-life activists with blocking the entrance to an abortion clinic). 

The incidents that these activists were involved in all took place before they were members of PAAU, the group’s founder, Terrisa Bukovinac, told The Daily Signal. Ketch does not believe that she has ever been involved in any kind of activity that would allow authorities to bring FACE Act charges against her. 


On April 18, around 2:45 p.m., FBI agents went to the home of Tracy Ketch, Elise Ketch’s mother. Ring camera footage provided to The Daily Signal shows two women standing on the front porch of Ketch’s childhood home in Woodbridge, Virginia. The women identified themselves as Ashley Roberts and Kathleen Brown. 

“We are both with the FBI,” Roberts told Ketch’s mother. “We just need to speak with her regarding some information that was sent to us.” 

When Tracy Ketch informed the agents that Ketch no longer lives at that residence, Roberts asked for Ketch’s residence or phone number. 

“She’s not in any trouble,” Roberts assured Tracy Ketch with a smile, the footage shows. “We just have some information we need to ask her about.” 


More Ring camera footage viewed by The Daily Signal shows Ketch’s mother stepping onto the front porch and calling her daughter. 

“I have two FBI agents at the front door,” she tells her daughter. 

“FBI agents,” Ketch can be heard repeating, as Roberts breaks into a smile. “Mom, don’t tell them anything.” 

“Ok, what do you want me to do?” she asks her daughter. As Ketch speaks, her mother waves the agents off the porch and opens the front door, stress written across her face. 

The FBI did not immediately respond requests for comment from The Daily Signal for this story. 


Is the FBI coming after “queer” pro-lifers now? Is there anyone that’s safe in the eyes of the FBI? Or is anyone a possible target of harassment, illegal spying, or over-the-top raids? If there’s one thing we know right now, it’s that the FBI cannot be trusted. They’re motivated by political bias and animus toward those with whom they disagree, and they will happily destroy lives to make their point.

Ketch added, “While they reassured my mother that I was not in trouble, it’s also possible that they see me as a threat due to my pro-life activism and intended to investigate me. Yet, to my knowledge, they never attempted to follow up with me or my attorney, so I believe the FBI’s true motive behind their visit to my parents’ home was to intimidate me and my team.”

She remains undeterred in her pro-life activism, though she's concerned about her family's safety. 

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