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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File

The Secret Service has had its share of failures. They failed to protect John F. Kennedy in 1963, and years later, they allowed First Lady Rosalynn Carter to take a picture with notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy. The agency is far from perfect, though they strive to embody that goal. We also cannot forget the scandal that involved the advance team in Cartagena, Colombia, during the Obama presidency. Some agents reportedly refused to pay a local prostitute, which led to a public relations fiasco for the agency. White House Press Corps members stayed at the same hotel as hooker-gate to make things more cringeworthy. Now, we have this intrusion into Jake Sullivan’s home that occurred in April. 


The national security adviser ran into a person who appeared intoxicated in his home around 3 A.M. in late April. There were no signs of forced entry, and Mr. Sullivan was the one who diffused the situation and asked the man to leave. That person is still at large. Did the Secret Service know about the situation, given that they protect Mr. Sullivan around the clock? No. They only found out about this security breach because Sullivan told them after he escorted the man out of his residence. How the Secret Service dropped the ball is now the subject of an investigation, with the agency head “livid” over the breach. So far, the cause for the failure is human error, with the current theory being that this individual was so intoxicated that he didn’t realize he waltzed into the wrong home  (via NBC News):

Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle is “livid” over the apparent security lapse that allowed an intruder to enter the home of national security adviser Jake Sullivan undetected last month, according to two sources familiar with the matter. 

The incident, which occurred in the middle of the night a few weeks ago, is largely being considered a “human failure” within the agency, the sources told NBC News. 

There were no signs of forced entry into Sullivan’s home, but even if doors were unlocked or an alarm system wasn’t used, as one source said was the case, the Secret Service is not blaming technology for the incident. 

Secret Service is taking the matter “extremely seriously” and evaluating possible consequences for the agents involved in the incident, which one source described plainly as “not acceptable.” 

Sullivan had a brief but not physical encounter with the intruder during the incident, one source said, and after the intruder left his home, Sullivan alerted the Secret Service.


Sullivan told reporters aboard Air Force One on Wednesday that he has "total faith in the Secret Service," and declined to comment on the incident. "They do a remarkable job every day as professionals protecting people," he said. 


The FBI/CIA is interfering in presidential elections. Joe Biden is leaving state secrets all over the place. And the Secret Service cannot protect a top Biden aide’s home. We’re lucky that this person a) didn’t have a grudge against Sullivan and b) was reportedly so drunk that nothing could have happened regarding bodily harm. Secret Service dodges a bullet because this could have gone sideways.


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