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Thank you, John Sterling

MSNBC Host Has a New Smear for Red State Women

Screenshot via MSNBC

MSNBC’s Joy Reid dished out a new slur for women who don’t prescribe to leftist politics: womb slaves. It’s not cute, but it is pithy. And, in keeping with how liberal America views women voters who aren’t gung-ho about abortion. For all the "sisterhood of the traveling pants" talk from liberal women, as soon as one leaves the reservation, they’re branded as gender traitors and beholden to their husbands' political views. So, women are intelligent and independent unless they’re conservative. It's such a predictable game that it’s almost lost its fun (via The Blaze): 


Joy Reid has just invented a new term to describe women in red states, and it’s offensive to say the least. She went on MSNBC to call them “womb slaves” as she referenced the overturning of Roe v. Wade. 

Reid was discussing the “bubble” Republicans exist in when she coined the term. 

“I think this is the proof of why the bubble is dangerous, right? Like Republicans, they all just listen to Fox News, they read the Daily Caller or whatever, and they come to believe that the vast majority of Americans want to ban abortion, want to ban drag shows, want to ban trans kids,” she says. 

“Like they cook themselves into a pot that they can’t climb out of now,” she continues, “and on abortion, it should have been perfectly obvious to them all. The polling has been very clear. The majority of Americans — even a pretty big plurality of Republicans do not want abortion to be illegal.” 

Stop. An MSNBC host talking about a media “bubble” is a new level of cringe. Okay, maybe not that, but it’s a massive self-awareness failure. MSNBC is only devoted to keeping liberal blood pressures low. 

Then again, this is the issue that could splinter the GOP. The party has yet to message this issue properly, and it’s been an issue for years. The party's most passionate and vocal wing on this issue is pushing legislation that is not popular. And as much as I want to ban abortion, that’s not in the cards in the immediate future. Even Republican voters aren’t on board. The consensus, for now, is abortion shouldn’t be banned but regulated: Parental consent laws, 15-week bans, and no taxpayer funding – state or federal. To many of those on the right, these regulations don’t go far enough—I can understand that argument. For pro-abortion activists, these provisions are anathema, a de facto ban in their eyes. 


Democrats are gaining the upper hand on this issue, and the GOP remains lost on how to combat the messaging. And they need to focus on this because leaning on law and order issues hasn’t been persuasive enough. Whoever is the GOP nominee in 2024 will be bombarded by abortion—and we can’t have a Todd Akin moment which I fear could happen again.

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