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Is Alec Baldwin Trying to Have Another Shooting Incident?

With the involuntary manslaughter charges dropped, Alec Baldwin has returned to work to finish the film Rust, his latest production that was shut down when he shot and killed a woman in October of 2021. Baldwin was practicing a stunt with a prop gun that went off and hit director Joel Souza and cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Souza survived, but Hutchins was killed. Baldwin never checked if the prop gun was ‘cold,’ or safe. That is his responsibility, along with the working conditions on set, as he’s a producer of this project. The film crew had reportedly quit on the day of the incident. It’s not a big-budget film, but Baldwin feared his career was over. It still might be, but he’s going to complete the movie. He also said that he was not responsible for the shooting. 


Back on the set of Rust, some photos were a bit eye-opening since gun safety standards were grossly lacking or ignored; it doesn’t build confidence that another such incident won't occur, given that the beleaguered actor was captured holding a rifle backward (via NY Post): 

Alec Baldwin was seen holding a gun — backward — on the new “Rust” set Friday, one day after involuntary manslaughter charges were dropped against him in connection to the fatal on-set shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in 2021. 

The 65-year-old gray-bearded actor was dressed in a gray shirt and pants and a brown overcoat and boots when he was captured holding a rifle by its barrel in his right hand on the movie’s new Montana set. 

It is not clear if Baldwin is holding the weapon that way as a safety precaution or if it’s part of a scene. 

“Rust” filming relocated to the Yellowstone Film Ranch in Montana’s Paradise Valley from New Mexico, where the shooting occurred on Oct. 21, 2021. 

Exclusive photos obtained by The Post showed Baldwin, who plays gunslinger Harland Rust, in costume on the new set for the first time, with cuffs that appeared to be blood-stained. 


Holding a firearm the wrong way? Is this for real? Let’s hope this film’s production is completed without another deadly incident. 

In the meantime, new evidence that could point to the prop gun being fired without Baldwin pulling the trigger is what precipitated the dropped involuntary manslaughter charges, though the Hollywood actor still faces a wrongful death suit filed by Hutchins’ family. Baldwin’s legal team cast the motion as misguided and asked a judge to toss it.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the motion is granted, and Baldwin’s career survives. Some people can just endure and survive scandals in this business. Matthew Broderick’s car crash in Ireland in 1987 left two people dead; he was driving on the wrong side of the road. There’s a list of celebrities with serious legal fiascos, and Baldwin isn’t the only member. It’s a non-political example of the ‘two separate rules’ at play here.  

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