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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

Once they lose their footing, the institution, whatever it is, must go. At the very least, its influence must be curtailed within the political system. Instead of trying to sway public opinion, the Left opts to break that institution to the will of the state to prevent any further loss of influence. They’ve arguably done that to the Department of Justice, the Pentagon, and the intelligence community. It’s harder to do that when it’s an equal branch of government, especially one impervious to public opinion, hence the lifetime appointments. It’s also the point of the Supreme Court. It’s supposed to be ignorant of what society wants. Congress is the body that responds to the people's will through representative government.


Sorry for the School House Rock rundown, but that’s the contingent we’re dealing with on the Hill, people who legitimately think Congress can do things like ‘police’ the Supreme Court. That was Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA), but Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) delivered some observations that we all should have seen coming. Remember, this is a woman who wants to impeach the justices she doesn’t like, especially Clarence Thomas, who committed the grave sin of going on vacation: 

The Supreme Court made decisions I didn’t like, so their authority has been surrendered. These antics are all borne out of the Left’s freakout over Dobbs, which is ironic since it’s benefitted them in elections. Republicans still haven’t been able to message correctly on the issue, and it’s cost them. Then again, the collective tantrum from that opinion that reversed Roe v. Wade happens when a segment of the population thinks there are permanent majorities on the Supreme Court; the liberal wing was aging. Its decline was greatly assisted by the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who refused to retire under Obama. Conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett filled her vacancy.


 If liberals wanted abortion rights made permanent, they should have focused on passing legislation where the outcomes of actual change are generally more accepted than a ruling from nine unelected judges. The late Antonin Scalia was adamant about societal changes emanating from the democratic process. Ironically, the Roe reversal also puts the Left in control of their fate on this subject at the ballot box. They can advocate for a national right to abortion. One bill is all they need, as the Constitution doesn’t prohibit it, despite its grisly nature, but the Left’s insanity over this issue, especially regarding late-term abortion, might make selling it more difficult. It’s why the Left will remain hyper-focused on the courts, which created this national mess on abortion in the first place back in 1973.

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