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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

Does Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) have a staff? If she does, they’re incompetent. Just because she wasn’t wholly thrashed for spewing this nonsense doesn’t make it any less of a trainwreck. Porter is on a book tour plugging her work, I Swear, which sets up many jokes from this media circus. It’s not like Porter is venturing onto Fox News. She’s going on programs that are quite liberal, like Real Time with Bill Maher, and she manages to get smacked by her own boomerang. Sarah wrote up her disastrous appearance, where she undercut and insulted her supporters in record time when she decided to throw a punch at Riley Gaines, a college athlete trying to protect the integrity of women’s sports. Maher and Piers Morgan, a co-panelist with Porter, discussed how young Americans were tragically immature. 


Remember when Trump said he loved the uneducated? Porter loves the immature; it was just an awkward statement. To make things more embarrassing, Porter went onto The View, known for its insights into American politics, to declare that not only does Congress have the right to “police” the Supreme Court, but that they should. As Newsbusters aptly described it, the rest of the segment was “softball,” but the institutional illiteracy here is stunning. There’s a separation of powers, with three equal branches of government. Congress cannot police the Supreme Court. 

Porter is dreadfully wrong, but this is America; you can have opinions that people find disagreeing. You can believe in conspiracy theories. You have factually incorrect views, and there is no IQ test to enter Congress. That much is evident.

Yet, of course, abortion rights triggered Porter’s declaration, along with the authoritarian vein that runs through liberal politics as of late. If you disagree with what we say, you cannot be trusted with self-governance or independent thought; you must bend the knee to the will of the state.


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