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Trans Day of Vengeance Has Been Cancelled

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

Well, I would have hoped the organizers of this left-wing event would’ve come to their senses in the wake of the mass shooting in Nashville, Tennessee. The so-called ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ has been canceled due to credible safety concerns. Someone is taking crazy pills, and it’s not us. Is this how the Left will spin the Nashville shooting because the irony is thick? 


This week, Audrey Hale, a biological female who identified as male, shot and killed six people, including three schoolchildren, at Covenant, a private Christian academy. The usual anti-gun talking points were aborted, and the Left went into full damage control mode after discovering we were dealing with a mass trans killer. The deluge of irrelevant stories about how women aren’t mass shooters and how it’s the trans community who are the real victims came barreling out. 

You can kill some Christian kids and innocent bystanders if you feel oppressed. That’s the message that was sent, albeit indirectly. More stories were geared toward rationalizing Hale’s rampage. Who cares? Hale murdered six people. The Left took their time mocking the dead. Hale killed the right people in their minds. Yet, that’s social media, an entirely different universe. Mainstream publications and networks have run away from this shooting since it doesn’t fit the narrative. 


The fact that these folks are trying to claim that they’re the victims after one of them butchered six people is beyond psychotic. But you can’t judge the actions of a community by one person, right? No. That’s the rule, as seen when a mass shooting committed by a white person becomes an indictment on the whole race, peppered with lectures about the fears of white supremacist groups that are always without merit. These are their rules. Choke on it. 

Second, the Left enforces its narrative manufacturing base by ensuring total and complete obedience from its base members. You deviate on one issue, and you’re in the gulag. J.K. Rowling, one of the most ardent leftists, has suffered that fate, given her refusal to accept the science fiction nonsense about trans folk. Luckily for her, she’s uncancellable due to her profile, wealth, and cultural impact.

It's just comical that the trans folk are abandoning their day of vengeance because of concern for their safety, leaving out that we had a trans killer shoot up a school that is rich. Maybe not call it a day of vengeance. Maybe don’t peddle chants like accept trans rights or else. This is America, where some don’t have to kowtow to the progressive action items shoved down our throats. And now, these liberals are starting to commit mass shootings; the LGBT community was involved in the most recent. It highlights something we’ve known since the beginning: that race and gender identity don’t matter when it comes to these crimes, as anyone could commit them. But that cannot coexist in liberal America, which still can’t get out of its way regarding these tragedies. 


The trans day of vengeance should have been canceled because it would be unseemly now. You don’t need to make up threats of violence to serve as an excuse.

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