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Progressive Co-Host's Take on Mass Shooters Hits a New Level of Lunacy

Paul Sakuma

It’s a show insinuating that GOP operative planted state secrets to frame Joe Biden, who remains engulfed in a classified document scandal, so this take on mass shooters isn’t surprising. It’s a line drive shot down the fairway, given the brain trust here. The View remains an insufferable daytime show, but low-hanging fruit since its hosts are both left-wing and exceptionally stupid. Those qualities are accentuated when a story makes liberals look bad. 


The Nashville shooter, Audrey Hale, was a transgender mass shooter who killed six people, including three children, at the Covenant School, a private Christian school. To coin a liberal term, Hale, who was female but went by male pronouns, used AR-15-style rifles to commit this crime. If you’re a left-winger hoping to expand the illiberal agenda of authoritarianism and gun control, this is a public relations nightmare. And the fact that the Left cannot exploit this shooting has annoyed them. 

Co-host Sunny Hostin dropped some grade-A idiocy by suggesting that mental illness is a cop-out excuse for mass shootings, citing her family members who are dealing with mental health issues and have not committed such brutal acts of violence (via Newsbusters): 

As it became clearer that the shooter who shot and killed six people (including three kids) at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, was a mentally ill transgender extremist who hated Christians, the liberal ladies of ABC’s The View spent Wednesday denying reality. Between co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg denying the female shooter had it out for Christians and Sunny Hostin denying that mass shooters are mentally ill, ABC seemed out to poison the national discourse with disinformation. 

At the top of the show, they played a soundbite of Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley announcing that he was putting forth a resolution to have the Senate denounce the attack as a hate crime on Christians. This was scoffed at by Goldberg. “Okay. I mean, look, some people are using this as an excuse to demonize the transgender community. I mean, crazy stuff,” she whined, adding it was “wee-ing in the wind. 


“They are more likely to be the victims of crime than be criminals. That is a fact, and it has been studied for over 60 years,” she shrieked. “I am sick of people conveniently saying ‘this is a mental health issue’ or ‘you can't look at this issue without mental health.’ This is an AR-15-style weapon, issue.” 


That’s not evidence of anything, Sunny. And this woman is a lawyer. All that proves is that your family are law-abiding citizens—it’s irrelevant. 

The View: Mass shooters cannot be mentally ill because my family is fine. 

It’s beyond laughable, and you’d think there would be more nuance, at least grounded takes, given that these ladies have way too much time on their hands. You’d think a good portion would be spent on research because even left-wing magazines like Mother Jones noted that most mass shooters were mentally ill. And this was documented after Sandy Hook. 

It's called reading, Sunny. 

It’s also not an AR-15 issue. And did Hostin ignore how Hale intentionally targeted a private Christian school. Only someone especially dense could think that there’s no connection here. But what a show when it comes to finding nuggets of lunacy.


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