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'The View' Notices Something Different About Its Audience

The View is like a vortex you cannot escape from, especially its recent string of broadcasts. You can’t take it seriously, but you also must since millions tragically prescribe to their point of view. It’s an insufferable daytime program that happens to either repeat or get ahead of the pre-packaged liberal talking points aimed at protecting Democrats. When Joe Biden got engulfed in a classified document scandal, The View peddled a conspiracy theory that Republican Party operatives planted those state secrets in his garage and other locations.


It’s absurd, though Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) bought into it. Then, after the toxic train crash in East Palestine, Ohio, co-host Joy Behar declared that the town's residents deserved it. East Palestine is deep Trump country, and it’s a point that liberals tell one another privately. It’s why the Biden administration’s response has been beyond soporific. 

Now, they finally lifted their mask mandate for their audience and were aghast to see everyone’s faces. First, are you kidding me; they’ve had a mask mandate this entire time. Then again, I’m not shocked. Also, I guess this troupe just ignored the science that masking didn’t work—especially the store-bought masks which even Herr Fauci admitted were ineffective.


You might want to dismiss this trash daytime show, but the kernels of insanity they spew aren’t outliers—some of it is mainstream liberal orthodoxy—which means some of us will have to continue watching, albeit from a safe distance.

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