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AP Photo/Robin Rayne

I thought this was domestic terrorism because of how the media railed about how the Capitol riot was the most significant calamity since the 9/11 attacks, Fort Sumter, and Pearl Harbor. Storming the Capitol Building was an insurrection, an armed rebellion requiring hundreds to be arrested and indicted on politically trumped-up charges; some have been sent away for years over trespassing. So, while a local example, I’d expect the same response against those who engaged in similar antics yesterday in Oklahoma, where scores of trans activists stormed the state capitol building over a proposed bill on "gender-affirming" surgeries, which Madeline covered last month (via NY Post): 


Transgender rights activists occupied the Oklahoma state Capitol’s rotunda on Monday to protest a push by Republicans to limit so-called gender-affirming care in the state.

About 150 people, many holding signs and banners, chanted “Trans lives matter” ahead of a new legislative session in which GOP lawmakers had pre-filed bills aimed at curtailing treatments like hormone replacement therapy, the Oklahoma Daily reported.

One of the new proposals, Senate Bill 129, would ban health care professionals in the Sooner State from referring anyone under 26 for gender-affirming care, including both surgical and non-surgical interventions.

The second bill, Senate Bill 252, aims to prevent anyone under 18 from undergoing a sex change operation. 


In his State of the State address on Monday, Stitt called for a statewide ban on gender affirmation surgeries and other treatments for minors, the Oklahoma Daily said. 

The scale isn’t the same, but the actions are similar. People with an intense political drive stormed the Capitol rotunda and, according to the new definition of insurrection outlined by the Left, committed an act of political terrorism. Of course, they will argue this is different. They’ll go into a garrulous self-righteous screed about how they’re right because ...they’re liberals. Second, they’re fighting to save lives. Therefore, this is a good insurrection. It’s the right form of rebellion because it’s against the Republicans.


Rinse and repeat. 

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