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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden will deliver his State of the Union speech tonight, and it will probably be a dementia-ridden mess that will portray this aging relic of Congress as some savior of the country. He will be injected with his memory drugs, upon which Jilly will give him a refresher course on what's happening today. Think of the film "50 First Dates" with Adam Sandler, where Drew Barrymore's character needs to watch a video that recaps her entire life every morning. Now, in that case, her character lost her memory due to a car accident; Biden is just a geezer who is unqualified to be president. If he was an honorable man, he should have thanked Beijing for unleashing a virus that helped him become president of the United States. COVID was probably China's most significant in-kind contribution to an American president. 

There will be a slew of lies about how the economy is rebounding, how the COVID vaccine stopped the spread of the disease, and how America is back. Now comes the curious juxtapositions: how can the economy be strong if businesses are laying off people by the thousands? Does high inflation mean the economy is healthy? If the vaccine stopped the spread, please explain the Omicron wave. And how is America back when we're engaged in another Cold War-like conflict in Ukraine and allowing Chinese spy balloons to enter US airspace with impunity? 

Joe is going to stroll in as if he has accomplished something. He hasn't. All he's done is accelerate our national decline and blow an exorbitant amount of resources on a never-ending conflict in Eastern Europe. Interesting since the main reason for withdrawing from Afghanistan was because Biden didn't think it was in our national strategic interest to be engaged in an open-ended conflict, but Ukraine is different somehow. 

How this administration operates is cloaked in secrecy, snippiness, flippancy, and abject incompetence. The mouthpiece for the White House, Karine Grey Poupon, is beyond saving—and incapable of handling major crises. The classified document scandal is a prime example of how she isn't up to the task; even Democratic strategists admit this. Some are tossing around a humiliating proposition regarding handling the communication for Biden's state secret giveaway fiasco: hire a separate spokesperson who will handle all inquiries into the matter. Nothing says "you can't do the job" better than that. 

For all the ills the Democrats have accused Trump of committing, the vast majority of which were imagined, Biden has done worse. He left "top secret" files at multiple locations, and the trove of files at the University of Delaware remains to be analyzed. Both he and Trump have special counsel investigations. Trump kept up out of war and grew the economy. Biden plunged us into a Ukrainian quagmire, depleted our petroleum reserve to reduce gas prices by three cents, and engaged in Chinese math to prop up fugazi jobs reports. 

What about his son, Hunter? He's inching closer to being indicted for tax evasion, which could explain the $250,000 loan used on private lawyers as the family sinks deeper into scandal and disrepute. The timing of this loan, which occurred last December, is a bit coincidental. That's on top of Hunter's laptop finally being recognized as authentic, along with the beyond ethically questionable art house scheme emanating from the White House over Hunter's crackhead paintings, whose bidders remain hidden from the public. The amounts paid are also unknown. The visitor logs for Biden's Wilmington house also required an archeological expedition to unearth.

The media offers broad protection, but the man is lawless, reckless, and wholly unqualified to be president. He lacks the temperament and the cognitive function to perform his duties. The only saving grace is Biden's vice president, Kamala Harris. She's the best of life preservers because she's another dolt who couldn't be trusted with the nuclear codes. There will be much pomp and circumstance about how America is better under Biden when it's quasi-gangster controlled by a father and son team that cobbled together shady access deals with some of the world's most heinous characters. It's staffed with some of the most incompetent figures in recent memory—Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg couldn't keep flight schedules running according to plan. He also took paternity leave when the nation faced an unprecedented supply chain crisis. The man who couldn't fix potholes as mayor of South Bend couldn't keep commercial air travel running efficiently—color me shocked. 

It's controlled incompetence, polished in its delivery but devastating in its results.

That's the state of our union under Biden. It's chaotic, but the appearance is one of stability and calm, which is probably attributed to Biden's state of decrepitude; no one sees old people as a threat.


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