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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

As if plunging the nation into an economic recession with high inflation wasn’t bad enough, Joe Biden has decided to become the high chancellor of law enforcement with a new policy aimed at not making criminals feel bad: make it easier for them to kill cops. The man is a notorious liar, so when he said that cops just killed people all the time—you know he’s full of it.


Martin Luther King. Jr week has produced some cringeworthy remarks from Biden when it comes to policing, notably how we need to retrain cops on the use of deadly force, transitioning away from “shoot to kill” to “shoot to stop”—whatever that means. That’s not going to happen. Also, it puts the lives of everyone in danger. There’s a reason why police aim center mass when they do need to draw their service weapons: it’s the largest part of the body. Aiming for the leg or the arms can lead to collateral damage. Innocent bystanders would be put in danger if police targeted some of the narrowest parts of the human body, especially if there’s running and all sorts of movement, which reduce accuracy immensely. 

Most in media have never experienced a police simulator—and they should. It gives you some of the dangerous situations police put themselves in and harrowing situations where you could be forced to shoot a young child aiming a gun at you. Bodycam footage from past officer-involved shootings shows that what started as a peaceful situation devolves into bedlam. Some of the most cooperative people sometimes turn on a dime and can pull a gun. The average person armed with a knife, or any object, can cover 21 feet in roughly 1.5 seconds. That's not a lot of wiggle room regarding reaction time.  


The same people who have screwed around with cash bail and unleashed a deluge of violent crime want to be the ones who retrain cops on how to get themselves killed in the line of duty. Keep them away, and especially keep dementia man away from those conversations.

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