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AP Photo/Evan Vucci

He’s the most stupid, arrogant man ever to occupy the Oval Office. He knows he can get away with it now since he’s president and can pardon himself, but Joe Biden is reckless in safeguarding America’s secrets. Ensure Joe left classified documents unsecured at multiple locations; no one knows who came across them. He also couldn’t take them, as the vice president doesn’t have declassification authority. These files were held in these locations for years.


Thus far, some of the explanations to pivot away from this scandal are that the number of files wasn’t that many, and the staffers who were compartmentalizing Biden’s personal items and those entrusted with the National Archives were shell-shocked over the 2016 election results. You know what’s missing: how this is all irreverent—just one classified item being left in the open is a serious issue. In Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home, there were ‘top secret’ documents found inside. Biden broke the law but had “no regrets” because he didn’t care. He knows the Democrats won’t turn on him, along with the media. He probably knew that intermittently since day one of his 2020 presidential campaign.

Now, that doesn’t mean the media will give a total blanket to JoRo, and he appears to be getting irritated about the questions surrounding his illegal seizure and placement of state secrets. He snapped at a female reporter yesterday, saying this line of inquiry is beginning to “bug” him:


That’s what happens when a) you know you can’t attack Trump on this anymore, b) you gave a ton of political ammunition for Republicans to use against you, and c) you can’t keep up with the daily grind of the office. Joe Biden is old, slow, and stupid; irritability is a sign of someone who is slipping mentally. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is only 42, and she’s resigning within a few weeks. Her reason: she can’t do it anymore. 


Does the National Archives over-classify materials, and have past government officials bent or even broken protocol with sensitive documents? Of course. But the media and liberal America acted as if Donald Trump was the first person to take classified materials home with him after the end of his presidency, which, unlike Biden, he can—he has that authority. His controversy was over process, culminating in an illegal FBI ransacking of Mar-a-Lago last summer, which many hoped would lead to an indictment. Once again, Trump won. It’s now mid-January 2023. No charges were ever coming, and even if there was some railroad job in the works at the Democratic Party’s Gestapo arm—the Department of Justices—they can’t execute it now. Not with Biden leading us on a wild goose chase to find the top secret files he left all over the country. 

The GOP should impeach Biden over these severe breaches in protocol, but also because I hate the man.

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