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Paul Sakuma

We have a new game with The View: watch which Democrats use their talking points as legitimate defenses for Joe Biden. We’re off to a banner start in 2023, with the daytime show suggesting that the Republican Party planted the classified documents that have been recovered at multiple locations. It’s damning since it shreds whatever attack plans they had in store, if any, for Donald Trump’s manufactured classified document scandal last summer, which led to an FBI ransacking of Mar-a-Lago, a secure location protected by the Secret Service. Biden’s latest location for his state secrets sweepstakes was his garage at his Wilmington, Delaware, residence. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), the congressman who thought Guam could tip over, insinuated the same talking points as this show regarding the GOP planting evidence. 


The latest is even more pathetic: Biden got distracted by the holidays. So, we are seeing a carousel of excuses regarding Joe Biden’s atrocious handling of classified materials. The number of files was small—that’s patently false since we have multiple locations with security breaches. It also doesn’t matter—these were classified files whose safeguarding Biden said was a responsibility he takes seriously. Then, the incoming Trump administration made compartmentalizing sensitive materials from personal mementos hard for his staff. Yes, Trump is to blame for Biden and his staff’s gross incompetence. So, with this circus of pathetic excuses, why not add accusing Santa Claus as a sideshow (via Newsbusters):

Self-described conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin pointed out the “terrible fact pattern” surrounding the case and how the Biden White House hid this from Americans for months. “He knew of the second tranche that was found in his garage on December 20th, but we only know now because the press was going to report it and they came forward,” she said. 

Hostin then stepped up to the plate to defend the embattled President, arguing that he did everything right.

“So we know November 2nd Biden's lawyers discovered this small number of classified documents and we're hearing there were ten of them. When that happens, you do immediately contact the National Archives. You do immediately contact the Justice Department, and then an investigation starts. It can be at a palatial pace, that is very true,” she said (misusing the word “palatial”). 


On Thursday, Hostin suggested “Republicans are behind” how the documents got in Biden’s garage and Penn Biden Center office. 

But she wasn’t the only one to defend Biden on Friday. Faux Republican and friend of Biden, Ana Navarro huffed that the documents he had were no big deal because “nobody was missing them for seven years.”


And it’s just a spectacle to watch co-host Sunny Hostin argue that Biden correctly went through the process when the evidence explicitly suggests otherwise. It again shows how the Left reacts when they have nothing to stand on, as this is an indefensible breach of protocol. These files were there for years, files that Joe Biden didn’t have the authority to declassify or possess in any fashion.

He got distracted by the holidays to ensure he didn’t take sensitive documents. If that is true, and I don’t think it is, then it makes his presidency look even worse, as it begs the question of what other oversights have occurred because grandpa gets distracted. Take the “L,” left-wingers. You’re not going to win, but Donald Trump is sure sitting pretty since an indictment against him on this issue was already a long shot. It’s now veered into the realm of ‘never happening.’

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