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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Joe Biden is now ensnared in another scandal sprinkled with the usual helping of incompetence. He left classified materials at not one but two locations. It doesn’t matter if it was a few pages of documents or a whole box—classified material is classified. Also, Joe Biden never had the authority to declassify anything serving as vice president—Trump, being a former president, did. 


The talking points will be an exercise in comedy as liberal networks will be flooded with experts who declare that the number of files was much lower, that Biden’s lawyers cooperated immediately, and that the National Archives overclassifies everything. The latter is true, but that’s something we said months ago when federal agents arguably ransacked the home of a former president illegally last summer. That fell on deaf ears for the apparent political bias, but Trump’s lawyers also had months of communication with the National Archives, with the FBI even sending a letter to the former president’s attorneys not to remove any further documents in June. They raided Mar-a-Lago in August.

Mar-a-Lago was a secure location, protected by the Secret Service, and had staffers with the proper security clearances to handle these sensitive materials. Biden’s trove of classified files was not secured. It’s in keeping with precedent regarding Democrats getting caught mishandling classified information. Hillary Clinton did it for years while serving as secretary of state. Biden’s trip-up is no exception. A breach is a breach, so what will happen to JoRo? 

Nothing. This latest Biden scandal will be entertaining, watching the Left twist themselves into knots since they’ve lost the high ground again. When you’re insufferably self-righteous, like the Left, and you walk into your bear trap—it’s over. The linguistic gymnastics will be magnificent to watch, but no indictments will come of this: Biden is a sitting president. The House GOP can and should investigate this fiasco to weaken Biden politically, but they can dole the subpoenas like fentanyl—nothing will come of this, just like Hillary Clinton. 


If we want a little fun, maybe Biden could pardon himself. That would be an ace Trumpian move that could spark impeachment charges against him. Biden has political cover with the media, and Democrats are now mostly lock-step behind him, though no doubt there are still whispers about his 2024 intentions. There was a flurry of stories about his age and degradation of mental capacity, but notice how that died when the GOP had a less-than-stellar 2022 midterm election. 

I would be shocked if Biden pardoned himself for this mess-up. It would set off an atomic bomb and again create a situation where Biden said one thing and did another. Yet, given the man’s penchant for dishonesty, there's always a chance.

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