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This Ronna McDaniel swipe from Tucker Carlson is an older story, so apologies for getting to it a tad late, but it circles back to the mayhem we’re seeing in the speakership battle right now. We don’t have a House speaker because our leaders are atrocious.


From top to bottom, everyone is terrible. They’re old, and if they’re not approaching or already in the AARP club, they’re astonishingly incompetent. The rebellion that Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is facing on the Hill right now is one we deserve. We keep these people around, despite them being bad at their jobs, and this is what we get after years of unwavering support. We all knew this was coming too. And for Ms. McDaniel she’s facing a legitimate challenge as she yearns for another term as chairwoman of the Republican Party. 

RedState’s Jen Van Laar decided to see how the RNC was spending our money. It wasn’t good, though not entirely shocking either. Private parties, jets, Lululemon workout apparel—these were funds supposed to be used to win elections. It’s not as bad as the Michael Steele days when the RNC was mocked rightfully for blowing money on strip clubs. These reports aren’t Watergate—we all know how consultant contracts are drawn up—but people have a little more tolerance for these spending sprees when you win. Ronna has led the GOP through not one but three disappointing election cycles. Fox News host Tucker Carlson wasn’t having any of it before the Christmas holiday:


With so much rage and frustration flying around, it can be easy to be angry and bitter. Conservatives need to remember that what we do, we do for love – love of country, family and faith. We are obligated to make our case for freedom with as much joy as possible. 

That being said, there certainly is no lack of irritation when looking at the situation on the right side of the aisle. Republican faithful are looking to RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and asking if she should really hold her lucrative position if she doesn’t seem to be doing the job – the job being winning elections. 

Carlson – ever the straight shooter – referenced RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar’s bombshell report on the Chairwoman’s expenses at the helm of the RNC. He asked the question many of us are asking right now: What exactly is the RNC doing to win elections moving forward? The Fox News star rightly pointed out what they’re not doing, and that’s spending the hard-earned dollars of donors on ensuring election victories.

He's not wrong. Maybe draining the swamp starts with everyone in the GOP leadership.


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