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J. K. Rowling is a leftist. She hasn’t been red-pilled. The Harry Potter creator supports notable left-wing organizations, like Amnesty International, so there is no conservative renaissance within Ms. Rowling's mind. She has eschewed the whole transgender nonsense that’s engulfed the Left, however. Rowling believes in two genders, a highly controversial position in some liberal circles now that her side decided to accept that biological males are women. She did not, which earned her a trip to the woke gulag. The irony about the Left turning on her is that they often cite them in their little political tantrums.


In 2017, when there was a leadership struggle at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau during the Trump administration, a cadre of rebel staffers dubbed themselves “Dumbledore’s Army.” Now, Rowling is considered a bigot for believing that men and women are different. Rowling hasn’t caved to these unhinged progressives, partially due to her successful career. Rowling’s views on gender are not radical or extreme. They’re supported by science, so even if she wasn’t a successful author and screenwriter, I feel she wouldn’t have backed down.

Brandon Morse elaborated more on the second layer of irony here. The woke mob’s crusade to destroy Rowling has made her wealthier:


The Left can be their own worst enemy. Rowling has used them, and their collective unspooled rage, as another medium to sell her material.

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