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It’s no secret that liberal America is infuriated by Elon Musk’s purchasing of Twitter. The Tesla creator and billionaire entrepreneur went through a months-long legal battle with the social media company—Musk was concerned about the number of active spam bots on the platform. Eventually, both sides put away their daggers, avoided a court battle, and Musk took it over. Scores of employees were fired, formerly banned accounts were restored, and the Left lost their minds. They did try ginning up the predictable narrative about it not being healthy for society for media and tech companies to be owned by billionaires. Still, that talking point dies on the vine quickly since The Washington Post and The New York Times have billionaires either controlling such entities outright or investing significant money in their operations.  


For Alyssa Milano, she wanted to voice her displeasure on Twitter, announcing she had turned in her Tesla and bought Volkswagen’s electric vehicle. It’s the usual virtue-signaling that Hollywood often displays. Yet, our friends at Twitchy were able to zero in on the irony about Milano’s trade: announcing you ditched Tesla for a car created by the Nazi regime:

It's a paradox that’s been present for weeks since the Musk takeover: liberals denouncing the man for his mega purchase are the same ones who continue to drive his car. Pick a side, liberals. It’s one or the other.


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