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There's Another Twist in the Pelosi Home Invasion Story

Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP

The Pelosi home invasion story has been a merry-go-round of speculation and outright strangeness. To recap what Spencer wrote last Friday, October 28, David DePape, 42, entered the Pelosi household looking for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was in Washington. Her husband, Paul, was home and fought this individual, wearing nothing but underwear and armed with a hammer. The story gets hazy since we haven’t seen the body cam footage from the responding officers.


They were dispatched to the house when 911 operators could discern from the audio of the emergency call that a potentially life-threatening situation was unfolding. Paul Pelosi was able to escape into the bathroom to make the call. He also was the person who opened the door to allow police in, which clears up the initial report about a mysterious third person who let law enforcement into the residence. The security camera footage is also being kept under wraps. Even stranger, there is no evidence of forced entry.

We learn from Fox’s Bill Melugin that an ICE source says DePape is here illegally on a visa overstay.  


We’ll see how this all plays out, but it’s clear that Mr. DePape was just a disturbed individual with no coherent political ideology. Sure, he spread 2020 election conspiracy theories. He dabbled a bit in some January 6 postings, but he also decorated his reported home in left-wing garb: Antifa flags, pride flags, and BLM gear. He also bought a birdhouse for a fairy with whom he frequently communicated.


Mr. Pelosi did suffer injuries that required immediate skull surgery, but he’s expected to recover. This story is absolute crazy town, and I’m here for it. What the hell is going on in San Francisco?

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