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Some may find this insensitive, but I couldn’t care less: did everyone at the Philadelphia Inquirer suffer a neurological event last night? By that, I mean, did the entire newsroom suffer a stroke? Democratic candidate John Fetterman debated Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz in the only debate that will be held before Pennsylvania voters decide who will fill the U.S. Senate vacancy left by outgoing Republican Pat Toomey. The event was only an hour, with closed captioning being utilized to help Fetterman survive without coming off like someone recovering from a severe stroke.


The problem is it didn’t help much, as Fetterman blurted out half-thoughts and sentence fragments that undercut the shaky narrative that he was healthy enough to serve as a U.S. Senator—all of this based on a doctor’s note. And that doctor is a Fetterman donor. It became clear that Fetterman couldn’t even deliver the simple talking points, though Democrats believe he had an elite performance.

Dr. Oz was the winner—the voter reactions are incontrovertible. Oz wiped the floor with Fetterman, and the Republican Senate candidate did well to articulate his platform, showing that he wasn’t some television medical personality. The debate showed that Oz was better suited for the job and that Fetterman was cognitively questionable. Sorry, it’s not ableism—you cannot be a U.S. Senator if you come off to voters like you have brain capabilities that rival a yam. It’s also not a partisan issue. Mark Kirk, a Republican senator from Illinois, also suffered a severe stroke, and yes—it probably contributed to his defeat to Tammy Duckworth.  

Now, we have the Philly Inquirer declaring Fetterman as the debate winner. Not that you don’t already know or need reminding, but this op-ed by the publication was already cooked up. The core of this opinion piece was written before the first question was even asked.

Everyone and their mother knows Fetterman lost badly last night, but the liberal media is doing what they’ve been trying to do with Biden and the rest of the Democrats: try to polish a turd.


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