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Nothing Democrats do right now is simple, and the stuff they do semi-well looks like a tire fire. They deal with a party leader with atrocious approval ratings, an economic recession, high inflation, and an out-of-control border crisis. The spike in crime has also resonated in suburban areas, which is why Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Republican Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, has chipped away at the double-digit lead of his Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman. This question about defining women is an easy layup. It couldn’t get more straightforward than this on a debate stage. Forget layup—this is a slam-dunk. And yet, the Democrats trip over their tongues over political correctness constraints. In the race between Iowa Republican Rep. Ashley Hinson and Democrat Liz Mathis, this subject of discussion was brought up at a Rotary Club event in Waterloo, Iowa—and Mathis offered a weird response (via Fox News):


 Liz Mathis, a Democrat who is seeking to represent the Iowa's 2nd Congressional District, said this week that defining a woman is a "tough question" and suggested that the only way to change controversial policies in a particular school district in the state is to vote for different board members.

 The remarks from Mathis came Monday during a meet and greet at the Waterloo, Iowa, Rotary Club, where she took questions from those in attendance on a number of subjects, including gender and education.

 Asked about the instance when then Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked to define a woman and could not because she is "not a biologist," Mathis said: "The Supreme Court confirmation process is very thorough, so they had to ask questions like that to a Supreme Court justice."

 "I'm glad that she answered that question," she added. "That's a tough question."

Mathis responded that defining what a woman is could be a tricky question. Has the Left devolved intellectually on this topic? Or are they just worried that the woke mob might mobilize since Mathis saying the obvious on the subject might offend the one or two transgender people within 550 miles of this candidate meet-and-greet event?

 We’re seeing this nationwide, liberals who deny the existence of womanhood, which is just abject science denialism, and claim that men can get pregnant. To deny that is a heinous affront to these people’s identities akin to violence.


 I’m not going to complain, but liberals are playing a dangerous game here regarding abortion because only one gender can get pregnant. The Left could eat itself before the talking points are ever disseminated, thanks to their acceptance of woke leftism.

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