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AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

The nation is grappling with multiple domestic crises. The baby formula shortage is an ongoing pickle that the Biden administration has yet to resolve. The same lethargic and non-committal resolve could be applied to the lagging economy and the soaring inflation plaguing America’s working families. We’re approaching the end of the 2022 midterm cycle, and the economy is in recession. There are whole schools of fish that are bigger to fry, but some reporters at The Washington Post have this unhealthy obsession with the owner behind the Libs of Tik Tok account on Twitter. 


On the flip side, I get why the Left has fixated on the account. It expertly shreds liberal narratives with such precision and finality that they, according to them, can’t ignore it. In other words, the mental illness that’s inherent in the mind of the American liberal is explicitly shown here—the unhealthy stalking complex affixed to any person that can torch their shallow agenda action items with one tweet. In the real world, they can ignore this account as loads of other news are happening—all of which makes Joe Biden look incompetent. The latter is not our fault—you people put him there.

The woman behind the account had to flee when The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz doxxed her as if that would scare her. You know her name. She couldn’t care less, continuing to expose the creepy and unhinged aspects of the liberal agenda. She’s been banned multiple times; the last one teetered on the precipice of a permanent suspension. Libs of Tik Tok was ready to sue, but her access was restored hours later. The recent targeting by the Post centers on her investigation into Boston Children's Hospital, which is arguably performing gender mutilation surgeries on minors. Someone issued a bomb threat, which is wrong and should be called out—Libs of Tik Tok did. She even offered a cash reward for finding the perpetrator. Still, the liberal media establishment pinned the episode on her and the right-wing echo chamber (via Libs of Tik Tok):


The Washington Post, Axios, Forbes, NBC, and the Boston Herald all wrote articles blaming me and other “ring-wing” outlets for the bomb threat. So, I reached out to each reporter and informed them about the cash reward. My hope was that they would help us get the word out by updating their stories—or by writing new ones—that amplified the fact that there’s now a massive reward out for information about the anonymous caller.

None of them—not a single one—updated their articles with that information. How is that possible, given the concern they expressed about these threats? Were they just faking it? Do they not actually care about catching the person responsible?


Instead of helping us find the person responsible for the threat, activists-masquerading-as-journalists continue to maintain that Boston Children’s Hospital is “under siege” from “far-right activists” because I spread “misinformation” with the intent to incite violence. That’s a malicious smear. I reported nothing but the truth. I accurately documented what these hospital websites and staff have said in their own words.

This bomb threat is just another example of media malpractice. They never investigated to try and find out why hospitals are saying they perform gender-affirming surgeries on healthy minors, and they never investigated whether a bomb threat actually occurred. They just took the hospital’s desperate PR spin at face value, and dropped their interest in the bomb threat story as soon as it had served its purpose.

How are we supposed to get to the bottom of what’s really happening at these hospitals without a media that’s willing to do some digging? How are we supposed to know whether the bomb threat even happened, or if it wasn’t just a false flag operation carried out by a Leftist who wanted to make conservatives look like violent extremists? We won’t know the answers to these questions because the media doesn’t want us to know them. They aren’t protecting kids from threats; they’re protecting their precious narrative at all costs.


Still, the Post continues to report that Libs of Tik Tok caused the bomb threat to be issued and the hospital’s evacuation, which is fake news. And she also doesn’t let anything slip by her. She’ll call them out, the paper will issue a correction, and rinse and repeat. It’s Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction—just a healthy helping of toxicity that ends with the liberal writers at the Post having to eat it for peddling inaccurate and defamatory reporting. 

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