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Of Course, a Woke Virginia DA Staffer Hates Trump and White People

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The Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office has hit another public relations iceberg. It deals with one of its associates, who has a history of social media posts slamming white people and conservative Americans. It’s not a shocking development coming from benefactors of George Soros’ nationwide campaign to elect left-wing district attorneys. Fox News found the controversial postings, which is a pretty good indicator of the working environment there, which looks like it’s a notch or two better than the area around Chernobyl’s reactor four. It’s a woke radioactive wasteland that explains how its embattled Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj got removed from a burglary case earlier this summer. We’ll circle back to that in a second. For now, enjoy the show (via Fox News):


A staffer with the left-wing Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office in Virginia has repeatedly ridiculed White Americans and conservative leaders on her personal Twitter account, according to a Fox News Digital review of the account.

"We are dangerously close to a civil war but it’s not North vs. South," reads a 2018 tweet from Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Kimberly Phillips. "Its White, Male, Christian, Heterosexual and Wealthy vs. Everyone Else. It’s not going to be fought with guns on a battlefield; but its going to be messy and divide families. #ChosingSides."

Phillips has worked in the office since July 2020, according to her LinkedIn profile, and she previously worked as a law clerk and trial attorney since the 1990s in Virginia.

A review of the Twitter account conducted by Fox News Digital shows instances of Phillips decrying White women who voted for former President Donald Trump, jeering at White residents living in her own county, as well as voicing her distaste for the Trump administration and Republicans in Virginia.

"Loudoun, VA the embodiment of white flight and racism. Ugh!" Phillips wrote in a tweet from 2019. She was responding to a tweet regarding a Virginia sheriff being present at the White House when Trump vetoed a Senate resolution rejecting an emergency declaration to fund a border wall.


Biberaj was disqualified from a burglary case by a judge who accused her office of intentionally misleading the court about crucial details of the case. And by misleading, I mean she straight-up omitted that the defendant committed numerous burglaries across four counties over ten days. Biberaj allegedly did this to get a more lenient sentence handed down in a plea deal. This legal fiasco occurred in June. Biberaj is currently in the process of appealing her removal to the Virginia Supreme Court, though how she’s paying for it is another mystery. She hired a high-powered law firm that charges $1,000/hour to handle her case. Biberaj’s office is known for being reluctant to send anyone to jail, even domestic abusers. It wouldn't be a ‘woke’ office if there weren't associate attorneys who didn't hate white people. That's what’s required to get the Soros stamp of approval.


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