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Biden Press Secretary Makes a Stunning Admission About the FBI Trump Raid

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Is it possible to be shocked and yet not surprised at the same time? White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre admitted during Monday's briefing that I hope was a miscommunication because we are genuinely adrift if this is the case. Jean-Pierre admitted that no one in the Biden White House, including the president, had been briefed on the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago. I’m not expecting the FBI director or the attorney general to be regular social contacts with Biden, but an agency under the executive branch raided a former president’s home. It was allegedly over classified materials, including nuclear secrets. No one was briefed about this. I find that hard to believe.


Then again, Joe Biden is also refusing to speak with the Israelis amid this renewed Iran nuclear negotiation which has been going terribly, so maybe it’s not a far-fetched scenario that no one has spoken to him about the Trump raid. Yet, it also points to a White House that’s dangerously aloof on critical matters at home and abroad. I know the Trump raid is a clown show, but this is priority one to these people. Trump is an enemy of the state, so updates about this raid are something that you’d expect to be delivered to Biden and his crew. Is this yet another display of incompetence from the Biden White House? They also claimed not to have known about the upcoming search—this is all genuinely unbelievable.

Let’s circle back to what Spencer wrote about the day after the raid regarding Biden not knowing about the Mar-a-Lago ransacking. Jean-Pierre’s answers to questions about the White House’s potential foreknowledge about the search only raised suspicions that this was motivated by politics:


Jean-Pierre's "no comment" and "just not going to comment" responses continued to a barrage of questions from almost every reporter called ...

Does the White House think it would be helpful for the DOJ to be more open about the reasons for the raid?

"We're just not going to comment.

Doesn't the DOJ going after the former president who may be the president's opponent in 2024 reek of politics?

"We did not have advance notice."

What's the White House response to Republicans promise investigations of the raid on Mar-A-Lago?

"I'm just not going to comment."

Did Biden's Attorney General Merrick Garland sign off on the raid?

"We learned about this just like you all did."

Does President Biden know whether AG Garland signed off on the raid?

"I don't have anything more to share."

Has President Biden talked to AG Garland on Tuesday?

"I'm just not going to speak further."

Does Joe Biden view Donald Trump as a political rival?

"I'm not going to comment on that."

Will the Biden administration or DOJ provide a full accounting of its raid?

"No comment."

Will the White House be briefed on what the DOJ is doing?

"We are not involved."

Is the White House concerned that a lack of comment will lead Americans to believe the claims that the Biden administration is going after its political opponents with the DOJ?

"We're just not going to comment."


It was motivated by politics.

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