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University of Alabama Sorority Reject: I'm Not Trans. I'm Non-Binary.

Cheryl Gerber/AP Images for Allstate

Will there be a backlash? Who knows, but the gender-fluid, trans, be whatever the hell you want crowd should have known better than to pull this sort of operation at the University of Alabama. Grant Sikes caused a firestorm with a series of Tik Tok videos declaring an intention to rush the school’s sororities. Did Sikes think this would ever take hold in a state deep into Trump country? You cannot get more Republican or more conservative than Alabama. It’s a state that does not take kindly to these fluidity games, exemplified when every sorority at the university rejected Sikes


Now, Sikes is trying to correct the record, as publications referred to the ‘woke’ warrior as transgender. Grant is non-binary and rejects the transgender label. No one should be sorry, as these rules around pronouns and gender by the Left are incomprehensible, contradictory, and frequently veer into the realm of pure fantasy. One misstep, such as using the wrong pronoun, is considered an act of violence in this very sheltered and fragile American subset. Still, it doesn’t make this story less bonkers (via AL):

Grant Sikes, the star of “Bama Rush” on TikTok, addressed Thursday what the University of Alabama student said was a huge misconception.

“I am not transgender, all of the media and news and press on this has labeled me as transgender, but this is not correct,” Sikes said in a TikTok video... “I am not transgender.”

Sikes, who did not address their pronouns, said their sex is male and was born male but identifies as non-binary.

“I’m just non-binary ... I just live my life as Grant. I don’t really like labels. I think people are so quick to literally slap a label on everything,” said Sikes.

As for those who questioned why Sikes didn’t rush a fraternity, the UA student said: “That’s not my scene, that’s not relatable.”

“I definitely relate to girls, I’m comfortable and so much more social, [sororities are] just my scene versus a fraternity,” Sikes said.


A biological male was trying to join a sorority. On what planet is that acceptable? Will men now lead the National Organization of Women or NARAL Pro-Choice America? No, it would be inappropriate, right? The same applies to rushing sororities. Some rules cannot be broken in the name of social progress because a) stupid reasons are usually offered, and b) it opens a new can of legal worms. 

Again, would any lady feel comfortable with a man living in the sorority house? I’m guessing no, and I’m sure the parents of these female students in sororities wouldn’t find that arrangement agreeable either.  

Don’t cave to the mob, Alabama. Roll Tide!

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