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Roll Tide: Sororities All Reject Biological Male Recruit

AP Photo/Armando Franca

The University of Alabama is a football powerhouse. Without fail, the school's team is ranked among the nation's top five teams, with Coach Nick Saban at the helm of a program considered championship-caliber yearly. If you want to play the best, you think Roll Tide. What you don't think about regarding the University of Alabama is a bunch of transgenders messing up the Greek life ecosystem. 


As the far left tries to sell the American people that biological males can compete in female sports, you knew that some of these folks would try to infiltrate a bunch of sororities. Alabama, of all places, doesn't seem to be the optimal location to execute this "woke" offensive on the college scene, but hey, that's where Grant Sikes decided to throw this Hail Mary. It ended badly. 

Sikes is transgender and voiced disappointment that every sorority delivered notices of rejection. Libs of TikTok found Sikes' posts, and it seemed that Roll Tide was on the verge of death if any sorority encouraged and enabled this anti-science theater to fester on campus. Sikes can remain a student, but a biological male with all females probably was at least several bridges too far for most. Some sorority chapters have kowtowed to the "woke" left regarding trans and non-binary members, but not at Alabama (via AL): 

Grant Sikes, a transgender student at University of Alabama, was cut from every sorority during rush last week.

The student, who TikTok users named “the main character of Bama Rush,” announced that she was dropped from the Panhellenic process in a TikTok posted last week.

“It is extremely upsetting and I’m sad because I wanted to be part of a sisterhood and more than that, a community,” said Sikes, who was cut before the final round of rush.


Some national chapters, like Delta Phi Epsilon, have even released specific policies on trans and non-binary inclusion. recently found, however, that none of the sororities with these policies are active at University of Alabama and no data exists about LGBTQ members who participate in Greek life.


This transgender infiltration of sororities is not the hill to die on, especially if the battlefield is in Alabama, the elite of the SEC conference. It's a Republican-plus state that was Trump country before that was even a moniker used by the national media. The left's push to let dudes into female-only institutions is not going to resonate. Take the loss and move on. And not for nothing, but serious legal issues were at play here, not relating to transgender admissions, but if this were allowed, do they stay at the house? We already have problems with certain body parts being exposed in the women's bathroom and locker rooms. 


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