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The One Democrat Who Makes Joe Biden Look Like a Rhodes Scholar

AP Photo/Marc Levy

Democratic Pennsylvanian Senate candidate John Fetterman still can’t get it together cognitively, so there will be no debates with Republican opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz. Fetterman having a mental flameout on a debate stage was probably the best way for Oz to turn his floundering campaign around. Still, Democrats also know their guy isn’t at 100 percent, so we have this phony war between the two camps and their egregiously flawed candidates. 


Oz got into a bid about crudité while Fetterman remains incapable of speaking in complete sentences. His appearance in Erie, Pennsylvania, was marked by a severe mental disconnect, one of the most unmistakable signs of his recovery from a stroke. His other appearance at the Boulevard of the Allies in Pittsburgh yesterday was no better.

Joe Biden sounds like erudite compared to Fetterman, who would be something interesting to watch from a political analysis standpoint since this is the man that a) the Democratic Party establishment wasn’t high on and b) was seen by many observers as the Democrats’ attempt to see how someone who isn’t soaked in coastal elitism fares in the more rural parts of the state. He doesn’t need to win the counties outside of Philadelphia or Allegheny, the latter of which is Pittsburgh. He can’t get killed as most Democrats have outside of urban America in recent cycles. 


Not that I was hoping Fetterman would do well since he’s aptly described as Bernie Sanders with a rural working man appearance. He’s made his position known on fracking, a key economic issue of PA voters, in the Democratic primary debates. Fetterman is for allowing biological males to contaminate and erase women’s sports, which I’m sure suburban moms in the collar counties of Philly aren’t keen on in the slightest. He’s also reportedly still supported by his parents. There’s enough material to draft a good attack script. Still, Dr. Oz was splitting time between Florida earlier this summer instead of campaigning and went to Ireland on vacation as we entered the key weeks of this race. 

Both camps are disaster zones; let’s just leave it at that. 

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