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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The Left is intolerant of other views and the people who hold them. We brutally discovered that trend after the 2016 election. Sure, some conservatives have equal hatred of the liberal Democrats, but it’s nowhere near the levels exhibited by American progressives. For conservatives, it’s merely a matter of differing opinions. We may disagree on Second Amendment rights, so let’s focus on things we can share a mutual interest, like sports. The conservative Republican and the Bernie Sanders socialist can and do root for similar sports teams. Go down the list of entertainment, and it’s endless where politics doesn’t need to play much of a part, if at all. Television shows, movies, sports, restaurants, comic books, anime—the list of where both sides can enjoy things without getting into fisticuffs over Joe Biden is extensive. 


For the Left, merely interacting with conservatives degrades your state of being. Liberals are obsessed with the arc of history and being on the right side of it, which again displays these people’s arrogance; no one knows the actual trajectory of history. And most issues that liberals tend to die on the hill for today are heavily influenced by social media, which has a shelf life of about three minutes. Being on friendly terms with Republicans means enabling a worldview that these folks probably consider evil. It’s a policy and lifestyle of political apartheid. For a view that used to espouse free speech, openness, and overall curiosity about other opinions, this authoritarian makeover post-2016, especially on First Amendment issues, was a bit jarring. 

Yet, these shifts make this new NBC poll gauging the tendencies of college Democrats unsurprising. A whopping 62 percent would never be roommates with a Trump supporter, but the more interesting number is 73. That’s the number of college Democrats who don’t want Joe Biden to run again in 2024 (via The Blaze):

College students who are Democrats have such an overwhelming disdain for Trump supporters that a majority of them would never be roommates with someone who backed former President Donald Trump, according to a new poll.

NBC News/Generation Lab conducted a poll of 1,077 college sophomores of the class of 2025 between Aug. 12-17. The survey of the college students found that Democrat college students were far more unlikely to embrace Republicans than vice-versa.

The survey found that 62% of college Democrats would probably or definitely not room with someone who supported the opposing presidential candidate in 2020. When asked the same question, only 28% of college Republicans said they wouldn't want to be roommates with someone who supported President Joe Biden.

There were 53% of college students who said they probably or definitely not go on a date with someone who supported a political candidate from the other side in 2020. There were 63% who said they wouldn't marry someone who supported the opposite political party in 2020.

Despite the partisan support, 73% of Democrat supporters overwhelmingly called for Biden not to run again. However, there were 57% of Republican supporters who want Trump to run again.


It’s virtually the same number of Americans who think the nation is going in the wrong direction under Biden. Joe says he’s running for another term, though how can he with the avalanche of domestic crises and abysmal polling across the board? The bottom has fallen out with Hispanic support. They’re through with him, and young college progressives don’t want him to run either. There is not a single core group in the Democratic Party base that hasn’t seen a receding of support for the president. You can’t win with these current numbers. Will Trump change that, and will these people still vote for Biden in 2024 if there was no other option? Of course, they would—but expect turnout to be abysmal among critical groups that Democrats need to win nationally. It’s as if thousands of red flares are being fired from the Left, warning the national party about the perils of backing COVID Joe for another term. Will they listen? A good chunk of the party appears to be waiting until after the midterms to announce their position on Joe 2024 and that he should call it quits. 

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