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AP Photo/Ron Harris

As we've said before, attacks from the Left are boomerangs. They'll eventually swing back around and smack them in the face. It's almost without fail in the post-Trump era. We have monkeypox outbreaks in some of the most liberal parts of the country, with New York City and San Francisco declared states of emergency. Those infected are overwhelmingly in the LGBT community, transmitted by gay sex. You cannot say that, however, without being branded a homophobe. It's a fact. This virus is spreading like a brushfire. We know who's getting it, but we can't say it.


It's the new "don't say gay" rule established by the media, which the Washington Free Beacon touched upon today:

Mainstream journalists have adopted what critics are calling a "don't say gay" approach to covering the monkeypox outbreak in the United States. The media's coverage of monkeypox, which officials in New York and California have declared a threat to public health amid rising case numbers, has studiously avoided using the word "gay" when discussing the individuals who are most at risk of contracting the viral disease.

Journalists insist on using the phrase "men who have sex with men"—decades-old terminology often used during the AIDS epidemic—to explain the fact that gay and bisexual men comprise about 98 percent of more than 18,000 monkeypox cases worldwide. Some left-wing activists have argued that even pointing this out is "stigmatizing," while more sane individuals have suggested this is "particularly important information for gay men to know."

Some "don't say gay" advocates want to go even further. Earlier this week, New York City health commissioner Ashwin Vasan called on the World Health Organization to rename the monkeypox virus due to "a growing concern for the potentially stigmatizing effects that the messaging around the ‘monkeypox' virus can have on vulnerable communities."

When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill that prohibited teachers in the state from going off the rails about gender identity and other woke nonsense. The Left went nuts over DeSantis' 'don't say gay' bill, even though such language doesn't exist in the text of the law. Disney went to war with DeSantis and lost. The bill is popular as well. Liberal America tried to muster corporate America to pressure Florida and got rolled in the process.


We have a virus that's exclusively infecting LGBT Americans, but we can't say that now. There would be a stigma. Funny since stigma was a pastime for the Left regarding COVID. It ended when the Omicron wave hit, and blue states got toasted. Again, find a liberal attack narrative out there, and it almost always returns to cannibalize them. That’s what happens when your politics are just wrong.

Also, political correctness must be hurled into the furnace if we're going to combat future viruses. This is a circus right now.

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