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AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

He’s not the first to roast a prominent Democrat. Charlamagne tha God of the radio show "Breakfast Club" has set many a Democrat ablaze. He rightfully told Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) that she was the original Rachel Dolezal, a white person who masqueraded as a black woman in 2015. Charlamagne connected this act of cultural appropriation to Warren, who used her fake Native American ancestry to elevate her career. Warren was a 2020 candidate at the time. The black radio host leans Left, but he’s not insane; he’s honest. And he does what most in the liberal media sphere do not—hold their side accountable. No host on CNN or MSNBC would call Warren the OG Rachel Dolezal. No way. He’s also not holding back torching Kamala Harris. The radio host was a guest on "The View" Monday.


First, there’s nothing defensible about Harris. Second, what he said is 100 percent accurate. She says nothing. "View" co-host Joy Behar wondered what Harris' response was when Charlamagne asked who was running the country, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) or Mr. Biden:

Radio host Charlamagne Tha God mocked Vice President Kamala Harris during an appearance on "The View" Monday, saying she said "nothing" when he asked her last year whether Joe Biden or Joe Manchin was the real president.

The question from the popular liberal media personality irked Harris and made headlines in December, and Joy Behar couldn't wait to bring it up when he appeared on the ABC gabfest.

"You pull no punches with your opinions, which we appreciate," she said. "We’re just like you here. I heard that you asked Vice President Harris who’s the real president here, Biden or Manchin? Did you ask her that question? What did she say?"

"Nothing," he said, drawing laughter. "She didn’t really give an answer, but I mean as you can see, it still seems like President Manchin is currently running this country, and I think that was – you know, in hindsight, people thought I was being harsh by asking that question, but now it’s, like, well, damn. Who is running this country? Is it President Biden or President Manchin?" (via Fox News)

First, "The View" is softball compared to what Charlamagne asks his guests. I’d say elevating Manchin to be de facto president is a bit of a stretch. The West Virginia Democrat recently killed his party’s last-ditch effort to pass some form of a mass spending bill. It was going to concentrate on global warming. Manchin’s “no” vote killed any push in the 50-50 Senate, which sent the more liberal members of the Democratic Party into a full-froth tantrum. Some were even saying this derailment of the bill is going to kill us all. That’s no exaggeration. Manchin isn’t the cause of the death regarding the Democratic Party’s agenda on the Hill. This tortured demise was death by a thousand cuts. If Democrats had taken the mindset they took with the heinous gun control bill they passed, they would have gotten much more done. That train of thought was not making perfection an enemy of the good. Why was that approach taken for guns but not everything else? It’s because Democrats were unfocused for two years.


The Democratic leadership’s inability to corral the more unruly elements of their party and make them realize that a neo-Trotskyite spending bill would never pass killed them. I’m not complaining. With a cuckoo crowd like this in charge, Congress getting nothing done keeps us all safe. Biden was elected without a mandate, so moderation of a host of spending items became essential for proper governance. That was the reality. Democrats chose to ignore that fact and ended up getting next to nothing done except trash the economy, send inflation into the stratosphere, and ship truckloads of cash to Ukraine. 

In these times, you need a strong president. The leader of the Democratic Party was AWOL because he couldn’t do the job. He promised to deliver Joe Manchin on Build Back Better. It failed. Mr. Biden is the decades-long fixture in DC, supposedly an ace at deal-making. Yet, one senator proved too much for him. 

Who is running the country? Right now, it’s a council among Pelosi, Schumer, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, and a host of lower-level staffers. The nation is in a tailspin because of this confederacy of dunces. 

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