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AP Photo/Michael Wyke

One thing is clear: Joe Biden can’t be Captain Planet. It’s not that he’s too old; that’s the least of it. The man is just a mess when it comes to the talking points. I disagree with the green agenda since many of its proponents are secret communists who give away the game when they mention controlling things like the means of production to get a cleaner world. Still, it doesn’t take a genius to come up with simple talking points about a greener Earth and less pollution. Biden crashed and burned on that front today. The man accused the oil industry of giving him cancer. Biden traveled to Massachusetts to announce his climate change executive orders.


Was it a blunder? Who knows? In 2021, the White House released a statement that Joe had “non-melanoma skin cancers removed before the start of his presidency.” So, why is the president referring to his supposed cancer in the present tense?

If you’re a Green New Deal Democrat, you’re probably pounding your head against the wall. Your cause is already suffering from a messaging problem. It doesn’t help that dementia man made this more of a spectacle. Second, his speech on climate change is not the subject; it’s whether or not Biden misspoke or indeed has cancer. It then settles into the ongoing discussion about Joe’s age, his ability to do the job as president, and whether he’ll run again in 2024.


Just imagine if Trump had a trip-up like this. He wouldn’t because Mr. Trump isn’t mentally disabled like Joe, but the press would have eaten him alive. Then, the tin foil hats would be all over the desks of the media from folks suggesting Trump hid the diagnosis despite an official White House statement saying otherwise. Remember, the press genuinely didn’t believe Trump’s physical results. They were also upset that the president wasn’t suffering from some chronic illness so they could make a case for his resignation in a cruel concern trolling exercise.

We have Joe peddling lies about having cancer and the oily windshields being the cause, and there’s nothing from the press. Sure, they’ve sharpened their bayonets over his age and don’t want him to run again in 2024 because he’d get rolled, but it seems like Joe uttered a significant lie to generate a false narrative for his agenda.

It’s par for the course, however. There’s been speculation that Joe never brought up Jamal Khashoggi’s killing with the Saudis during his visit despite a presser where he insisted that he did. And now, ‘oh, I have cancer from oily windshield wipers.’

Joe wanted to be let off the leash and allowed to be himself. The president hated staff correcting him. If only he were allowed to be Joe Biden, his poll numbers would turn around.


And as he ventured out into the world, probably not knowing what state he was in today, he told a lie about having cancer.

Joe, this is why your staff can’t leave you alone. You might not have cancer, but you have diarrhea of the mouth, and you’re talking yourself out of office as we speak.

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