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AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

This is a disastrous time for liberal America. They lost on abortion. They lost on guns. They lost in the Environmental Protection Agency case. So, of course, democracy is under threat. This is the end. And America is racist. 


Let them throw their tantrums. They're children. This is what they do when they don't get their way. It's all become a rather comical entertainment event. Anytime something goes against them, the country is on the verge of collapse. It's white supremacy and the like. As we prepare to officially enter a recession, CNN doled out a piece declaring that recessions are—you guessed it—racist. 

The endless stream of whining and American-bashing has rightfully earned liberals their criticism regarding their patriotism. If they're that miserable, just leave. They won't because deep down, they know everything we say about this country and its promise and values is correct. 

Given the left's penchant for hating America, should we be shocked that Pima County Democrats in Arizona are hosting a "f*** the fourth" event this holiday weekend? Yep, it's a time for mourning, apparently. 

The official Pima County Democrats account said to bring "comfortable shoes, water, lawn chairs, posters, and your anger." 


It was deleted, but the post lingered for quite a bit. 

Normal Americans will celebrate with BBQs, burgers, beer, fireworks, and being with family. Some might have strokes as the holiday travel looks like it will be hellacious whether you're driving or flying. Have a safe and happy Fourth. 

Make America Great Again. 

UPDATE: They apologized ... sort of.

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