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AP Photo/CDC via The New England Journal of Medicine, Cynthia Goldsmith, Maureen Metcalfe

As Rebecca wrote yesterday, the World Health Organization that’s totally in bed with China is renaming Monkeypox. It’s racist. There’s a stigma attached to it. It’s now called MPVX which doesn’t sound better. It sounds like a STD, but that’s not the point. It’s the whole ‘we need to change virus’ names because of stigma’ nonsense. Where was this during COVID?


There are numerous examples of stigma during COVID. Blue America mocked the Delta wave, then karma hit with Omicron; everyone got it. you all saw the meltdowns. All these Whole Foods-shopping liberals who mocked the unvaccinated started to get infected. They did everything right. They wore five masks at a time. They stayed home. They got the shot. Then, they got another shot. They still got the virus. It’s part of the fantastical thinking from liberals that they could not get infected because they followed what Dr. Fauci, who has been wrong about everything, said. Voting for Biden doesn’t make you special. This is a contagious airborne virus, with a 99.99 percent survival rate. That latter part seemed to have gotten lost when it came to COVID protocols. We all know why. It was intentional. It was about control.

Yet, monkeypox targeted one specific community, which led to the media rushing to change the rules. LGBT folks were suffering from this infection at disproportionate rates. Supposedly, two raves in Europe caused a spike in cases, which by the way—are nowhere near COVID. This isn’t a new pandemic. This isn’t anything to be really worried about. Everyone needs to relax. The Left couldn’t. There were a few stories about how this virus could spur a new wave of homophobia


Of course, right. This was a predictable response, and then there was silence about the virus. Everyone freaked out about it. They saw who was getting it, and then they changed the name as if that will do anything. 

Instead of finding a new name for monkeypox, the health experts could have listed the means of transmission, who was getting it, whether we should be worried, and types of treatment. Apparently, the smallpox vaccine is effective. It’s not a massive outbreak. This hasn’t even reached SARS levels of infection, but those who are getting infected were seen as a coveted liberal group so—they changed the name. 

And people wonder why the experts aren’t taken seriously anymore. The political angle here is beyond transparent, and with COVID fading—this handling of a little monkeypox outbreak gives us a picture of the silliness that could come when we do have another pandemic.  


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