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Janet Van Ham/HBO via AP

I’ll say it once again. Bill Maher should be thankful that he’s already successful, rich, and on HBO. He can’t be canceled. And he couldn’t care less if liberals don’t like him—those hurling hate are the ones he calls nuts on a near daily basis. We all know his old school routine where he ripped conservatives often. Still, his show has always had quality guests from pundits representing both sides. He’s just not down with all the ‘woke’ nonsense that’s turned his party into a bunch of Nazis enforcing the agenda of the politically correct. He’s always made his views known about radical Islam, but I think the Left’s turn on free speech to create a world where no one’s feelings are hurt is where he saw how things have gone off the rails. How the Left reacts to those on their side who speak their mind or might have a slightly different take also probably made him do double-takes. So, speaking out against the far left’s authoritarianism has now made him an enemy of today’s modern Democratic Party. Maher shrugs it off, and he does so by having segments like this on this show.


Maher sounded a bit like the Media Research Center’s Newsbusters division when he called out The New York Times for burying the assassination plot against Supreme Justice Brett Kavanaugh. We discussed this on the Triggered podcast last week. If this had been Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, or Jackson Brown—the media would have been all over it. It would have been front-page news. It would have also spawned endless segments about how conservatives are domestic terrorists. Instead, the paper buried it, which did not go unnoticed (via Fox News):

Earlier this week, a man named Nicholas John Roske was arrested outside the justice's home carrying a gun and a knife. He admitted to police that he had traveled from California to Washington, D.C., to kill Kavanaugh because of his apparent intention to overturn Roe v. Wade following the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion. Roske was charged with attempted murder.


"The New York Times buried this," Maher said. "If this had been a liberal Supreme Court justice that someone came to kill, it would have been on the front page."

"And that's what's so disappointing about a paper like The New York Times because they just wear their bias on their sleeves, and if it's not part of something that feeds our narrative, f--- it, we bury it," Maher added.

Maher took a swipe at Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., for his "very inflammatory words" toward Kavanaugh and Justice Neil Gorsuch, suggesting they could have "inspired" Roske. 

The top Democrat told the two conservative justices in 2021, "you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price! You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions!"


Where’s the lie there? It’s no secret. Even when you poll liberals, they know the media is biased. So, don’t jump on Bill for acknowledging what we’ve known for decades. This isn’t the first time Maher has called out the media. He also ripped them for burying the Hunter Biden laptop story because it didn’t fit the narrative. This doesn’t mean Maher is conservative. Not at all. The man still holds a host of liberal views, very liberal views—but an assassination attempt of a Supreme Court justice is buried on the front page. That’s sort of noticeable, guys. And we all know the reasons why. 

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