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The B(D)S Movement

One Woman's Sexual Attraction Is Beyond Bizarre...But Also Sort of Common

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

This story enters weird territory. On the one hand, this woman's proclivity is incredibly bizarre. Then again, it's not illegal. It's a classic live-and-let live story. It still doesn't negate the fact that it's totally off the rails. 

Meet the one woman who doesn't need dating apps. She's not attracted to men. She's attracted to methods of public transportation. I'm not kidding. 

You've probably taken a trip in a Boeing 737. Hey, it might have been this person's boyfriend. This isn't a story worthy of police action, but it will probably raise some eyebrows. It will certainly draw judgment. 

Meet Sarah Rodo, 23, who is totally in love in airplanes. She wants to marry one. She identifies as "objectum sexual." Okay, maybe there is a legal issue. In Germany, she can't marry her plane, whom she calls "Dicki." She was in a previous relationship with a train (via NY Post): 

Sarah Rodo, 23, even refers to the Boeing 737 as her boyfriend.

She flies on the aircraft as often as possible and has 50 replica models of the plane at home.

Sarah calls the Boeing Dicki and hopes to wed one day, even though it is illegal in Germany.

The Dortmund resident identifies as an Objectum Sexual, meaning that she is sexually attracted to inanimate objects.

She said past romances with men didn’t get her flying high.

She has also been in love with a train.

Sarah said: “My plane is called Dicki.

“I love everything about him, but particularly his face, wings and engine — they’re so sexy to me.

Uh, you fancy Dicki's "face." Okay, lady—whatever floats your boat. 

There was an episode of "Shipping Wars" on A&E where one job involved transporting a scaffolding platform to be painted. It took a wild turn when the customer said she was married to it and even gave it a name. The transporter was on a tight deadline to get this inanimate object cleaned up, painted, and shipped home in time for the "reception." 

There are over six billion people on the planet. Some folks are into some weird stuff. 


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